Sunday, October 22, 2017

Arrow: “Tribute”

Oooh, so close, Arrow. So close.

After a clunky season opener designed to establish the new status quo, “Tribute” does a pretty good job of exploring it, right up until the handshake at the end.

The “Is Oliver Queen The Green Arrow” is handled well, with an FBI agent investigating Oliver even though they “proved” the picture of Oliver was a fake. Of course, it’d take any dedicated law enforcement officer like 20 minutes to figure out Oliver was Green Arrow using a fraction of the tools an Argus or a Team Rrow have at their disposal, but whatever.

The main thrust of the episode is Dad Oliver vs. Mayor Oliver vs. Arrow Oliver, set against the backdrop of a kidnapping arranged by Oliver’s former Russian friend Anatoly. Everything works out to about 75% satisfaction (based on numbr of surviving hostages) and Oliver ralizes he has to pass the Green Arrow mantle on to someone else. He chooses Diggle, and they shake on it at the end of the episode.

Which would be great, if Diggle hadn’t admitted to Dinah that he has degenerative nerve disease from Lian Yu shrapnel, can’t aim, and is about to divulge this to Oliver pre-handshake. You could choose to see this as a friend making a noble sacrifice for another, or you could see it as another dumb, secret-keeping move that will end badly and lead to a “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME” argument on a show that’s had twelve of those per season for five years. Guess what I’m choosing?

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