Sunday, October 15, 2017

Arrow: “Fallout”

Ah, Arrow. Where would you be without angst? The season premiere basically established everyone’s post-LIan-Yu angst situation. Predictably, the only person who died on the island was William’s mother, paying the ultimate price for having slept with Oliver while not having any useful crimefighting skills.

So instead of the episode’ splot, which barely exists, let’s look at the ANgst Arcs the premiere established for each character.

OLIVER: Bad dad.
FELICITY: Still uncomfortable getting back together with Oliver.
DIGGLE: Some kind of Lian-Yu-based PTSD and injury. Can’t shoot, can’t aim, shot Wild Dog.
WILD DOG: Shot. Also, more of the same daughter stuff.
MR. TERRIFIC: Actually in pretty good shape, angst-wise.
BLACK CANARY: Constantly forced to deal with Evil Alternate Universe Black Siren
THEA: LIan-Yu-induced coma.
QUENTIN: Constantly forced to deal with Evil Alternate Universe Daughter
SLADE: Son’s in Canada, so expect him back mid-season.
WILLIAM: Sulky teenager with dead mom and vigilante mayor dad.

Next week, Oliver has to deal with a Secret Identity Reveal, and is apparently still unwilling to just Iron Man that shit.

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