Sunday, August 27, 2017

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (8/21-24)

GLORIOUS jobber squash.
The fallout from Summerslam is surprisingly muted, especially on Raw.

Bobby Roode Debuts on Smackdown

He longsquashed Aiden English, SMackdown's Only Jobber. That might indicate a face Roode, but I think they were just managing the debut pop. His post-match interview hinted at a slightly different take on his NXT character - more of an insane egotist than a rich, dickish egotist. Which would be fun if they went with it.

Enzo Amore Joins 205 Live

This is the right move. I wish it weren't, but it is. 205 Live needs someone who can get the crowd to give a shit, and very few of the people on the roster have been able to do it at all. And nobody's over the way Enzo is over. It's just a goddamned shame that it comes at the expense of Tozawa, who lost his second straight to Neville and presumably returns to opening match tag bullshit that doesn't mean anything.

Asuka And Big Cass Are Injured

Asuka has a broken collarbone that should take her out two months, but Asuka's gone two months without wrestling before. Cass, however, blew out his kneww and could be out for nine months, which is rough, since he was just about to move on from Enzo to the beginning of a singles push.

Jack Gallagher Beats Up A Clown, Gets Put Through A Table

The Gallagher-Kendrick feud has been the most watchable thing on 205 for a month, and this week, in the duel Kendrick asked for, he sent out a clown instead. Gallagher snapped and beat the crap out of the clown to a not insignificant pop, but then, when he was going to put the clown through the table, Kendrick attacked from behind and put Gallagher through a table instead. They set up a no-DQ match for next week, which should be great.

John Cena Appears On Raw

John Cena is on Raw now. That's the only item of any significance that happened in an entire three-hour, post-major-PPV Raw.

Shelton Benjamin Signs With Smackdown

In a backstage segment, he's introduced as Chad Gable's new partner as a result of losing Jason Jordan to Raw. This is a weird idea, as it basically replaces A Shelton Benjamin Type with the actual Shelton Benjamin, and now CHad Gable gets to play Starstruck Puppy, which is probably not good for him and one of them is gonna turn on the other because WWE hates tag teams.

AJ Styles and Kevin Owens Are Done With Each Other

It required two specdial guest referees (Baron Corbin and Shane-O-Mac) but  AJ can finally start doing open challenges and hopefully having a long run as US Champ. I wish I had confidence they had somewhere for Owens to go after this. Hell, I'd love for there to be a way for him and Roode to have a short program. But he'll probably yell at Shane for a while and then beat up Sami Zayn some more.

Dolph Ziggler Has A Plan

Dolph Ziggler's back! Dolph Ziggler was gone! Anyway, he's mad at all the wrestlers with their fancy flashy gimmick stuff like flourescent paint and singing gimmicks. So he's going to do something about it next week or something.

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