Saturday, August 19, 2017

Preacher: "Viktor" & "Dallas"

This ends badly.
Preacher S2 slows down for episodes 4 and 5 to give us the saga of Tulip's husband and spend a lot of time on the backstory of how their relationship fell apart after the Dallas job and Tulip's miscarriage.

And it's... OK? It's fine. There's good stuff there. We get a sense of the depths of Jesse's anger halfway through the end of episode 5. We get further development of the Cassidy heel turn, as it were. And it's all done with a nice, solid level of competence.

But it does feel a bit like filler. It feels like they could have accomplished all this in one episode at double the pace, and that this was done mainly for production/budgetary needs rather than narrative/storytelling needs. The search for God is completely on hold, with Jesse's only work in that regard being to fart around New Orleans while Cassidy tries to get him to realize Tulip's In Danger, and of course Tulip's only in a little bit of danger, sort of. It's all very spooky and threatening, but then it was all gonna be OK except Jesse showed up.

The sequence ends, of course, with the Saint of Killers having finally walked to New Orleans, and so we deal with him in episode 6.

While all of this is going on, Eugene is in Hell, and we're left with a somewhat sympathetic portrayal of Hitler, which I bet played a lot better when the episode aired than when I watched it this week.I get it, not the show's fault, and it makes sense in the context o fthe show, but it was just awkward.

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