Thursday, November 10, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (SD Live)

Paying their dues, I guess.

Hope you enjoy long promos where the members of a Survivor Series team spend a long time bickering awkwardsly in the ring, because after the three we had on Raw, we open Smackdown with one as well.

AJ Styles startes, is interrupted by Baron Corbin, who are interrupted by Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, who are interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Smackdown's only a two hour show, so the interruptions come faster than on Raw. And then Ambrose brings out James Ellsworth to a fairly big reaction from the Scottish crowd. Yadda Yadda Work Together Yadda Yadda tag match. Oh, and Ellsworth is the official Team Smackdown mascot.

So in another microscopic, pointless qualifying match, Breezango, now in cop shirts and hats and handing out tickets to fans as Smackdown's "Fashion Police" because there is no god, defeated the Vaudevillains out of nowhere because there is no god, and made the Survivor Series 10-man.

Baron Corbin wants no part of the Yadda Yadda tag match, so he gets a returning Kalisto in singles instead. Yay? INstead, we have Kane, AKA Old Baron Corbin.

In a shocker, the Smackdown women's Survivor Series team can't get along, as coach Crazy Natty gets caught in a rollup by Naomi after trying to interfere in an altercation between Carmella and Nikki. Yawn.

Kalisto-Corbin isn't a match, it's a pre-match attack by Corbin, until Corbin "makes a mistake" and slips off the ring, allowing Kalisto to revenge-attack Corbin's knee a couple of times. Corbin's out of the 5-on-5 because DRAMA.

Our main event Women's Title Match is halfway through the show, because "Main Event" means nothing anymore. Lynch and Bliss have a very solid match with a Controversial Ending, as Bliss taps out to the Disarmer while her foot is on the ropes. So they'll have animosity going into Survivor Series and presumably the title rivalry will continue.

Apparently, Kalisto will be wrestling Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Chapionship at Survivor Series, and if he wins, the championship AND the division come to Smackdown. This may be a setup for moving the Cruisers to Tuesdays so they can shoot 205 Live after Smackdown. It'll be a shame to lose them off Raw if that happens, but it may be better for the division.

Apollo Crews is back from milk-carton duty to wrestle the Incredible Returning Jobber, Curt Hawkins, who doesn't even get his new gimmick intro, but does somehow et a rollup pin off a missed splash.

The tag match between Vipered Wyatts and Kane/Ambrose/Ellsworth is a deliberately paced affair, and of course ends with Ellsworth tagging himself in, eating a Sister Abigail, and taking the pin. It's then announced that Shane McMahon will be the final member of the Smackdown team, which actually makes me wish Baron Corbin were still on the team, because he's not a middle-aged scion of the owner but instead an active member of the roster who could use the spot.

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