Thursday, November 3, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (NXT)

Hello, Shane Thorne's face. I'm Roderick Strong's knee.
This week, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tries gamely to soldier on despite the NXT roster's best attempts to accidentally murder each other.

We open with the first of the second-round matches in the Classic, the newly formed team of Austin Aries and Roderick Strong against the still can't tell 'em apart team so it's good they started wearing different color trunks of TM 61. Unfortunately, Austin Aries got his orbital bone broken by an errant Nakamura kick at a live event, so he's out for at least a couple months. The solution this time is to have Strong fight Shane Thorne in a singles match, winner's team advances.

What results is probably a better match than the tag match would have been. Strong is fucking insane here, and Thorne keeps up, bumps like a champ to Strong's insane offense, and wins with a rollup because, like I said, Aries is gonna be out for a couple of months. I hope they have something they can move Strong on to, because he's as good here as I've ever seen him.

Our second second-round match is DIY vs. The Revival, but The Revival come out and one of them (I'm pretty sure it's Scott Dawson, but the whole point of them naming themselves The Revival is that I no longer have to disambiguate Dash, Dawson, Scott, and Wilder anymore) is on crutches. He's got a knee injury, which is either a fake knee injury or a real one - I cannot tell from what the Internet says. It could be an angle where they're dodging DIY, it could be real. Either way, the result is a forfeit and DIY moves on.

The second round continues with Pants On Dance Off (Jose and Rich Swann) vs. the Authors of Pain. PODO tries valiantly to not get murdered. This works for about four surprising minutes, and then Rich Swann gets murdered. Jose gets the hot tag in and gets 90 seconds of offense and a two-count, and then he too gets murdered. Authors Of Pain advance.

The second round wraps up tonight with Ibushi and Perkins vs. Sanity. The match is what you'd expect when you pit a pair of global veterans against a pair of big guys who just graduated from the Performance Center with an assigned gimmick and two versions fo the Big Guy moveset. They're not quite Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, at least, but they're certainly adjacent. Sanity wins after Sanityference cuts short a Kota Ibushi comeback. Probably for the best, as Ibushi and Perkins are about to divide their time between the Raw division and the new WWE Network cruiserweight show, 205 Live, debuting at the end of November.

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