Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Week of 11/21)

OK, another format change for the Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup. It's back to covering all the shows once a week because, well, I'm sick of recaps and instead I'm just gonna rate all the things that happened into three groups. Good things, generally ordered best down. Bad things, generally ordered worst up. And the rest.


The HIghlight Reel w/ Chris Jericho (RAW): They way they argued, teased the breakup, then hugged it out over their mutual realization that Roman Reigns is just THE WORST was fucking delightful. Sure it got kind of boring after that, but that's WWE.

James Ellsworth vs. AJ Styles, Contract Ladder Match (Smackdown): They actually made Ellsworth's victory not entirely the result of Dean Ambrose. He hit a No Chin Music, Styles' leg got caught in the ropes, and Ellsworth moved a tiny fraction closer to a legit competitor, which he'll need if he's gonna be around full time.

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins, No DQ (Raw): A very good Raw main event, with lots of fun stuff going on, and an obvious but well-executed finish where a banned-from-ringside Chris Jericho interferes wearing a Sin Cara mask and Nakamura hoodie.

Dean Ambrose Keeps SHowing Up (Smackdown): Ambrose got thrown out of the building at the top of the show and then just kept showing up in nearly every backstage segment that turned into a ridiculous running gag.


Goldberg Signs A Longer Deal (Raw): He'll be showing up at the Royal Rumble and probably Wrestlemania and in a non-wrestling capacity presumably the rest of the time. The crowds are super into it and I do not give a shit.

Tag Team Turmoil (Smackdown): This was just a fucking mess, including the Vaudevillains losing in 10 seconds and American Alpha picking up the win only to be Sppokytronned by Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, leaving their #1 Contender status in such a confused shape not even the announcers could explain it.

Weird Survivor Series Punishments (Both): Samy Zayn got cheated out of a win, so as punishment, he gets utterly destroyed by Braun Strohman. Kalisto got cheated out of a win, and he gets an Intercontinental Title shot, which Baron Corbin ALSO costs him, so Corbin has to wrestle Kane as punishment, and Kalisto interferes there and they beat up Corbin.


RAW: The New Day beat Cesaro and Sheamus for the titles by blatant cheating, which is something they've been doing a lot more often lately. They face The Clerb next week. Enzo was naked and got beat up by Rusev as a result. Sasha tapped Charlotte out before their title match next week. Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar and TJ Perkins to get a title shot on the 205 Live premiere this week. There was also another meaningless Cruiser match.

Smackdown: Natalya lost to Becky Lynch, who got attacked by Alexa Biss post-match.

NXT: NXT was two matches taped in Toronto and video recaps from Takeover. A Rich Swann vs. Hawaiian Guy match existed solely to set up a feud between Eric Young and No Way Jose, and the Aussie Mean Girls fed their new partner, Daria Berenato, to Ember Moon, who was teaming with Liv Morgan and Aliyah.

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