Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 21-27)

A whole new color of Speed Lightning! Yay!
I know this week is the big Invasion crossover, and we already know the "four-night" part is total bullshit, since the only crossover scene on Supergirl was two minutes long, at the end, and repeated on The Flash. But I forgot to write up the stuff I watched last week, so might as well get it in now.

Luke Cage: "DWYCK/Take It Personal" (20% Stupid)

One third of these episodes is Misty facing serious consequences and psychiatric evaluation for shoving Claire Temple up against the wall, and it is totally awesome and great.

One third of these episodes involves the maneuvering of Mariah and Diamondback, orbiting around each other carefully, trying to manipulate each other and maintain control to varying degrees of success, and it too is totally awesome and great.

The remainder of these episodes includes the most superheroey stuff the shw's done to date, as the acid surgery on Luke Cage to remove the Judas shrapnel goes down in a way that is just fucking ridiculous on every level. I mean, it's iffy by grounded-but-comicbooky MCU standards, and by the much more gritty standars of this series, it stands out like a sore thumb. Its only saving grace is a revelation about Luke's late wife that changes a lot of things.

The Flash: "Killer Frost" (30% stupid)

Not really sure how I feel about most of what happened in this episode. Caitlyn helps Flash and Vibe fight Savitar, and goes all mental evil as a result. So she kidnaps Cranky Tom Felton and tells Cisco that Barry made his brother be all dead and oh, for some reason Joe inadvisably takes a power tool to his son's transformation cocoon but it works out because Caitlyn's not totally evil yet and she makes a Magic Serum to fix the consequences of Joe's stupidity. But somehow she can't make a serum to stop everyone making dumb choices in the first place. Cisco is sangry with Barry. Yay.

Oh, and Tom Felton is Anarky, I guess? That's deeply disappointing and obvious.

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