Wednesday, May 22, 2024

THE LAIR: The Arcade

 So, yeah. The arcade!This was the obvious one. I have a bunch of arcade machines. Three from Etsy, two from Super Action Stuff, the playable DDR machine from I believe Tiny Arcade, and a claw machine that Cathy found amongst the  Many Things. So yeah, they got a room.

The floor is fabric from Cathy, the wall is the backdrop from some of the Super7 Transformers (I think it’s from Grimlock), and I found someone 3-D printing Flynn’s Arcade signs on Etsy and ordered the smallest one, because I’m “Of course it has to be Flynn’s Arcade” year’s old. 

There’ll be some refinements down the road, but this is essentially it.

Star Wars Arcade being played by X-Wing Pilot Me, AIM Scientist Supermen working the claw, Leonardo on Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Moltar on Cats With Kinves 2, Tiny Tina on Cyber Dagger, Carrie Kelly Robin on Mortal Kombat, and Destro on Dance Dance Revolution for the alliteration.

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