Monday, May 20, 2024



So, here’s something fairly elaborate Cathy and I are working on…

Meet “The Lair”. An old and well-used LOL Surprise dollhouse Cathy acquired a couple of years ago with surprise makeover goals in mind. Well, now I’ve been surprised, and the makeover is more of a team effort, with me buying some stuff and her making some stuff.

I have no idea what scale it was intended to be fore, but with 9-10” ceilings, it’s ideal for a 6-7” collection to hang out in with their stuff. The arcade is the only part that’s mostly done, so that’ll be covered in a future post, with the rest revealed as they’re completed, if not perfected, although plans include a dojo and a control room at some point.

Perhaps someday it’ll find a new home with more vertical space in the house so that the helipad and other roof section can be used, but right now, it’s up over my work desk and it’s practically touching the ceiling.

Oh, and there’s an elevator. That’s gonna get a post too because I had an idea and the idea worked.

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