Saturday, May 11, 2024

$7.50 Worth Of Action Figures


Cheap toys… at a cost.First, there’s the Iron Man Mark II from Marvel Legends. I got it for $7.50 on clearance at Target. I’d passed on it at 15, but $7.50 was a good price point. I have a very nice Mark 3, and the Mark 2 is just a more boring version of the Mark 3, in silver instead of red and gold. Regular hands, repulsor hands, open-face head, closed-face head, and boot jet effects that inexplicably don’t also peg into holes in the repulsor hands like most other Iron Man figures.

Then there’s the Heralds of Galactus 2-pack, featuring Terrax and the Fallen One, which I got for free because I tried to make Patch sit down.

I was going to use Patch Wolverine in the Contract Signing wrestling stuff picutre, but when I bent his legs into a sitting position…

Which sucks. And is very unprecedented.  So I contacted Hasbro about a replacement, and even though thi sis still for sale at Hasbro Pulse, they didn’t have any in their replacement warehouse, so they said they’d send me a random something “of equivalent value”. 

So it’s nice that they sent a two-pack, and that they sent a two-pack that I didn’t already own, and something I didn’t hate, but also something that hasn’t been in stock anywhere for over a year? It’s very odd.

Terrax, a character I at least know, is a big boy, but he’s also a repatint of a build-a-figure from like 11 years ago, and it shows. Single elbows, a little crude in spots, that kind of thing. Comes with a big weapon.

The Fallen One is someone I’d never heard of, and is a very basic figure elevated by translucent blue hair with star specks in it, and translucent blue effect pieces with star specks in it. 

So, you know. Not gonna turn down free stuff, and we’re hoping we can repair Wolverine, but also kind of a big meh across the board.

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