Friday, May 24, 2024

PREORDER ACQUIRED: Animated Spider-Man Dr. Strange and Morbius


Much like being a living vampire, deciding to be all-in on the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Animated VHS 2-packs is a gift… and a curse.
Let’s start with the curse. I did not need this Dr. Strange. This Dr. Strange is not better than the comic Dr. Strange I got from Wal-Mart back in 2022, the first figure I ever photographed on a green-screen. Is this Strange different? Yes. Is it close to how he appeared in Animated Spidey? Yes. But he ain’t better.

The main thing is the cape, which is molded over his shoulders to achieve that show-accurate look. Which limits the arms’ range of motion significantly. In most other ways it’s the same as, and probably reuses parts from, that Wal-Mart Strange, with a new head. He has largely useless fists, the standard Hasbro spell effect, and that’s what you get. He’s not awful, but he is worse. But “all-in” and “carefully-reasoned purchasing decisions” aren’t compatible, so…

The gift is Morbius. The specific gift is Morbius’s hands. The rest of him is dead on to the show, but the show design is a little drab. Trenchcoat, shirt, pants. But the hands have the little red suckers on them, and that’s everything. Because cartoon Morbius couldn't drink blood by biting people because it was a Saturday morning kids’ cartoon. This Morbius sucks life force from people using his hand-mouths, which is clearly not more creepy AT ALL. Anyway, he’s got the hands, he looks like Morbius, and in addition to that, he is Morbius, and the Jared Leto movie made Morbius very, very funny.

So while I don’t think this is a great value proposition, if I ignore that, am I happy with this purchase? Damn straight I am. You’ll probably see why on Sunday.

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