Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Flash: “Null And Annoyed”

Why must you test my love for Danny Trejo, Flash?
This week’s Flash was a bad hour of television with eight really good minutes in it.

The episode was full of beats I’m exhausted by. Barry being a dick and learning about it. Ralph’s joking ramped up to 11 so that we could all predictably learn about his painful backstory that makes him crack jokes. Overprotective Danny Trejo. A ridiculous meta criminal. I wouldn’t actually be sick of a ridiculous meta criminal, but we’re led to believe this person has stayed in hiding for months, but then commits a series of crimes in the most visible way she possibly can.

But the bit about how DeVoe’s wife keeps learning he’s drugging her and wiping her memory? That was great. That was powerful, effective stuff, and presumably will play a role in DeVoe’s downfall. Shame we had to watch the rest of the episode to see it.

Oh, and something’s up with Harry, his knockoff Thinking Cap, and the Time Room with Gideon in it. We’re supposed to think Harry is evil, so he won’t be evil, but something’s going on there.

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