Sunday, April 22, 2018

Arrow: “Fundamentals”

The season would get better the farther back you revealed the dosing, you know.
Given how generally lousy and mediocre the main season plot, main season villains, and main season events have been, “Fundamentals” was surprisingly good.

The main reason it worked is that it combined two classic comic book tropes - the hero gets covertly dosed with a mind-altering drug, and the hero coming to grips with his problems and his mission.

Arrow handles these things well, mainly because of some solid work from Amell, and partly because the whole “Felicity is leaving him” from the episode preview was in fact a drug-induced hallucination.

I mean, Diaz is still a shitty villain, and Oliver fighting crime alone is a dumb thing for him to go back to, but at least those things didn’t keep the episode from being watchable and entertaining.

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