Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Flash: “Lose Yourself”

This week’s Flash suffers so hard in comparison to the Black Lightning season finale that it’s tough to judge it on its own merits.

It’s hard to think about 45 minutes of arguing between Barry and Ralph about the morality of killing villains after watching Gambi kill Porter in cold blood. It’s tough to watch Team Flash fail utterly in every conceivable way after seeing the triumph of the Pierce family.

And it’s tough to think about The Flash’s “wacky hippie” subplot at all, because it was stupid and gross and juvenile and weirdly hacky.

And, then, of course, at the end, Devoe takes over Ralph’s body and resumes his regular appearance, seemingly victorious. Now, flat out killing Ralph Dibny would be a very surprising, very good development on a very different show. But doing it on this season of this show would be a huge fucking mistake, and I can’t imagine The Flash making it, which means that Ralph’s still in there somewhere and DeVoe’s downfall will likely come at the hands of his wife and Ralph as the primary actors.

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