Sunday, April 22, 2018

Black Lightning: The Final Three

Man, that’s how you close out a series.

We start with the incredibly tense “Black Jesus”, which utilizes the natural societal tension of an innocent black man caught up in a corrupt justice system to great effect even when you don’t layer the government conspiracy stuff on top of it.

Then you move into “The Resurrection And The Light” and “The Shadow Of Death”, which is essentially a two-parter featuring a triangular fight between Team Lightning, the rogue ASA faction led by Porter, and the returning Tobias Whale, with Cyanide and the cyber-implanted Kaleel, now empowered with venom-darts and with the moniker Painkiller. This leads to some truly effective and moving moments between all the members of the Pierce clan, both during and after the fight.

Oh, and damn, did they break out the perfect musical cues or what? The show’s always had great original music, but the licensed stuff they broke out for the finale was great.

What we end up with is my second-favorite superhero series/season in recent years, right behind The Tick S1, and miles ahead of the last two years at least of CW shows.

And the stage is set for next season, with the suspended metas in limbo, Porter dead, Jennifer embracing her powers and ready to become Lightning, and Tobias Whale large, in charge, and possession of a briefcase with the keys to freeing the suspended metas. I’m definitely looking forward to season 2.

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