Sunday, April 22, 2018

Agents Of SHIELD: “The Honeymoon”

I am enjoying the “always together” runing bit.
Agents of SHIELD largely gets back on track with an episode that shifts the focus on Simmons’ and Yoyo’s beliefs about time travel from weird and obnoxious to underplayed and endearing.

The story plays out largely on three separate tracks. We have the rescue of Coulson and Talbot by the main team, leading to the critical wounding of Deke; the interplay amongst the four extant members of Hydra, and Fitzsimmons and Yoyo’s attempt to get to and destroy the Hydra infusion machine. These all play out with the usual Agents of SHIELD competence.

We end with two significant twists. One, Whiny Von Strucker and Amputeen rebel against General Almost Kate Capshaw, capture Fitz and Simmons, and start forcing them to repair the infuser. And Talbot gets activated by The Other Hydra Lady and is in a position to start attacking the Lighthouse next week. Fitz and Simmons also now know that saving Coulson dooms the Earth, so we’ll see how that plays out.

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