Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wroundup ( 1/22-24)

D-Gereiatric X!
RUMBLE TIME! But first we have to get through the 25th Anniversary episode of Raw, a mediocre Smackdown, a scandal-ravaged 205 Live, and NXT. Events Of Significance:

Nostalgia’s Diminishing Returns 

The opening segment of Raw 2t got me going, I’ll admit it. Vince being super Vincy, Stone Cold stunning the shit out of people and failing to catch 60% of beers thrown to him, but it was all downhill from there, with meaningless matches, weird crowds, and a parade of geriatric wrestlers culminating in an incredibly awkward D-Generation X / Scott Hall / Balor Club thing. Oh, and undertaker came back with some gibberish and a wattle.

The Miz Has What’s His Again

I like The Miz on the mic, and he’s good for the Intercontinental Championship, and I’m glad that belt’s off of Reigns, but Miz’s IC runs always peter out based on the quality and repetition of his opponents. Thank fuck Dean Ambrose is hurt right now, but who’s he going to face? Maybe Finn Balor?


So, we’ve gotta talk about this. Enzo Amore got fired a day after he got suspended for rape allegations stemming from exactly the kind of hotel room party Enzo’s lifestyle choices would lead you to believe he’d be a part of. He was a bad person and a mediocre wrestler but goddamn, the man could cut a promo.

This leaves 205 live in shambles, which was apparent this week. The Zo Train has been rapidly repuposed into jobbing to the Luchadors Union, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali put on a hell of a match for no good reason, and the show is finally getting the General Manager it desperately needs to put some order, structure, and meaning back in the division. I just hope it’s not Goldust.

Gargano Moves On To Takeover

Not that it was a surprise, but Johnny Gargano defeated Velveteen Dream to retain his title opportunity on Saturday. Great match, and Velveteen Dream continues to evolve his gimmick away from its starting point as “Prince, But A Wrestler”. And he’s fantastic in the ring.

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