Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Punisher: “Crosshairs” And Before

This was fun.
We are DEEP into the Netflix Mushy Middle on The Punisher, so much so that I can’t remember where I left off reviews and/or recaps.

Most of episodes 6 and 7 cover a feature very common to Netflix’s Marvel shows, a big, elaborate plan to stop the Big Villain that almost but doesn’t quite work. Here, it’s thwarted by the heroes’ apparent inability to predict that a CIA safe house would have bulletproof glass.

It’s all solid stuff in the main plot, with a couiple of great set pieces and some vaguely Garth Ennisy stuff involving a member of the conspiracy and his dominatrix, but we’ve seen this plot beat play out a lot, and it always seems like it’s there because Netflix shows have 13 episodes whether there’s 13 episodes of story in them or not.

Speaking of which, Lewis. I have to hope that at some point, the plot about the troubled vet’s downward spiral into semi-intentional stabby murder and the fallout from that will connect to the main plot, but I can’t imagine how at this point.

We get official, non-look-this-character-up-on-Wikipedia confirmation that Billy Russo is eeeeeevil, and I can’t help but think he’ll turn into the primary antagonist by the end of the season, in a sort of reverse of the Cottonmouth-Diamondback switch from Luke Cage. Agent Orange isn’t interesting enough to carry six more episodes of this, but Russo clearly is, with his past with Frank and his present with Madani. Six episodes seems like a lot for what they have left to get through, though.

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