Wednesday, February 8, 2017

@midnight Power Rankings (Jan 30 - Feb 2)

Go ahead and celebrate. You earned it.
Yeah, I skipped a week because I actually couldn't watch all four of, um, two weeks ago's episodes that week or most of last week. I'm caught up now, though, and it's a good week to get caught up on, with some standout performances, especially Whitney Cummings and Will Sasso on Thursday's show, which was loose and filthy. Also, Ashling Bea is fucking hilarious every single time she's on.

  1. Whitney Cummings (Th)
  2. Will Sasso (Th)
  3. Aisling Bea (W)
  4. David Koechner (W)
  5. Phoebe Robinson (T)
  6. Joe DeRosa (M)
  7. Paul Scheer (Th)
  8. Arden Myrin (M)
  9. Moshe Kasher (M)
  10. Hampton Yount (T)
  11. Adam Newman (T)
  12. Mas Jobrani (W)

I'd watch everything this week. I mean, there's no denying the relative weakness of Tuesday's episode, but Tuesday had Phoebe Robinson on it and Phoebe Robinson is awesome.

  1. Thursday
  2. Monday
  3. Wednesday 
  4. Tuesday

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