Sunday, January 15, 2017

Monthly Free Games (Jan 2017)

Hey, free Rayman!
Procrastinatio bites you on the ass. Had this all but ready to go and then I got sick. Anyway, you've got like ten hours left to grab the mediocre Outlast if you want it. Another sluggish month for free games, overall.

Outlast (XBox One)

Oh, hey, another game where you can't do anything except walk and look and go up to doors to find out if they're locked or not. Hint - they usually are. Anyway, I tapped out when I was plunged into darkness and misunderstood the on-screen prompt for my on-screen camcorder's on-screen night vision mode. I could go back once I've looked it up, but it's just gonna be spooky walking.

World Of Van Helsing: Deathtrap (XBox One)

This game helpfully provided an opening video that explained it was a mix of tower defense an action RPG so that I could quit out before the game actually started. I have never, ever, played a tower defense game with a console controller that I've liked, and

The Cave (XBox 360)

This is a sort of spin on Lost Vikings from Double Fine - a puzzle platformer where you use seven (or three, not sure whether I can go back and use the other 4 after the start) characters to navigate through a 2D sidescrolling cave maze thing. It's full of that cartoony Lucasarts whimsy that Double Fine inherited, which for me has been hit or miss. It's worth a look, at least.

Rayman: Origins (Xbox 360)

Easily the best game of the month, which of course is why it's an old last-gen game that won't even be available until the 15th. First-rate side-scrolling platforming from Ubisoft.

This War Of Mine: The Little Ones (PS4)

This game is gray, post-apocalyptic, sidescrolling, and crafting. That's as far as I got. I suspect it's a randomly generated world, too. I moved through three florrs of a house, grabbed piles of stuff from indicated piles of stuff, and got to a workbench where i could turn that stuff presumably into survival tools like aspirin and shovels. That's not how I like to spend my free time, but if you're into it, it's probably pretty good.

Titan Souls (PS4, Vita)

Top down, pixel art action game with nothing but boss fights. You have one arrow. You can shoot that one arrow. Then you have to get that one arrow before you can shoot it again. You can run. That's it. Presumably, the appeal of this game is the incredible sense of accomplishment you feel when you use your incredibly limited tool set to defeat a series of very very difficult boss monsters. I wouldn't know, because after 10+ attempts at three different bosses making almost zero progress, I deleted the game.

Arkend 2 (PS4, Vita)

This is a messy jumble of mobile cliches (match-3, hidden objects) jammed into a sort of old school nautical theme and mapped sllightly awkwardly to console controls. I do not do hidden object finding games, so when the game switched to that after some mostly competent but largely uninteresting symbol matching, it was gone.

The Swindle (PS4, PS3, Vita)

This bills itself as a steampunk heist game. Sort of. It's a 2-D stealth game with awkward controls and a lot of copper and, yes, steam. This did absolutely nothing for me, and not just because the game refused to explain how doors wok through either a tutorial or basic gameplay.

Day Of The Tentacle Remastered (PS4) 

Another classic 90's adventure game brought on to modern hardware. The voice acting is, quite frankly, a challenge to anyone without nostalgia for the original, which was made in the days when just having voice acting at all was a startling feature. Anyway, it's that point and click, grab every item, try to use every item with every item old school Lucasarts gameplay combined with some clever writing read awkwardly ad a bunch of nods, I assume, to Maniac Mansion, a game I played a lot but don't remember.

Blazerush  (PS3)

This is tghe kind of game that, if it were on the PS4, I would try, and probably fail, to like it over time. It's a very Super Sprinty sort of top down racer with loose controls and weird combat. It's not worth booting up the PS3 to make the effort, though.

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