Sunday, January 8, 2017

@midnight Power Rankings (Jan 3-5)

Hard to believe they've done this 500 times.
It's a new year for @midnight, which means... nothing, really. Well, a short week from the holiday and a 500th episode rife with talent. A somewhat subdued Kyle Kinane managed to not top the charts this week despite calling Chris Hardwick "a leprechaun with a court date", which I love.

  1. Ron Funches (W)
  2. Mary Lynn Rajskub (W)
  3. Kyle Kinane (W)
  4. Jonah Ray (T)
  5. Marcella Arguello (Th)
  6. Doug Benson (T)
  7. Laurie Kilmartin (T)
  8. Affion Crockett (Th)
  9. Amanda Seales (Th)

Wednesday's #500 was obviously the one to watch if you were only going to watch one, but the other two have a lot to commend them.

  1. Wednesday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Thursday

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