Sunday, January 15, 2017

@midnight Power Rankings (Jan 9-12)

Not too bad for a "cas of" episode.
Hey, @midnight, you did OK this week. Not great, and in one of the weirdest confluences I've ever seen, every single show this week featured the funniest person on the panel ending up with the least points, but you did OK. The big surprise this week is Thomas Sadoski, who I wasn't familiar with and who was really funny.

  1. Rhys Darby (W)
  2. Flula Borg (T)
  3. Thomas Sadoski (M)
  4. Michelle Buteau (Th)
  5. Jamie Lee (Th)
  6. Katie O'Brien (T)
  7. Betsy Brandt (M)
  8. Ify Nwadiwe (T)
  9. Matt Kirshen (W)
  10. Emily Fleming (W)
  11. Dan Bakkedahl (M)
  12. Brian Moses (Th)

The episodes tended to average out to a pretty medium quality lever overall, so the show rankings should be considered a very tight grouping. Not much spread there. None of them are must-see, but none are a waste of time, eigher.

  1. Thursday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Monday

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