Monday, October 17, 2016

@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 10-13)

Monday was a simpler time.
Before we begin, the most fascinating thing about this week was watching @midnight track, almost perfectly, the rise and fall over the shark of Ken Bone. From the overenthusiastic embrace on Monday, to the half-assed Skype appearance on Wednesday, to the almost ironic Ramon Rivas cosplay on Thursday, it was was an abject lesson on the perils of instant celebrity or something. And since I'm posting this the following Monday, you'll all have to use Wikipedia to even remember who Ken Bone was.

Thank you, Brian Posehn. Thank you all the thanks. After watching seasoned vets  run cold last week, it was a delight watching you kill it over and over again on Monday's show. Also of note - Ron Funches once again took the career wins lead over Doug Benson, a ranking almost as arbitrary as my own.

  1. Brian Posehn (M)
  2. Kurt Braunohler (M)
  3. Randy Liedtke (Th)
  4. Ron Funches (T)
  5. Marcella Arguello (Th)
  6. Erin Hayes (W)
  7. Ramon Rivas (Th)
  8. Al Jackson (T)
  9. Russell Peters (W)
  10. Bobby Lee (T)
  11. Yassir Lester (W)
  12. Danielle Panabaker (M)

If you're pressed for time or DVR space, feel free to skip Tuesday and Wednesday. They're fine, but nothing special and have a not inconsiderable number of dead chunks. But Monday's is first-rate and Thursday's is very good.

  1. Monday
  2. Thursday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday

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