Saturday, March 30, 2024

THE REST OF MARCH: Part 2 - Wrestling Accessories!


Got a whole bunch of ring accessories from Figures Toy Company on or around my birthday.

The main thing was the Arena Set, which included the commentator desk seen above, a full set of around the ring barricades, some bike-rack style barricades, monitors, headsets, and microphones, and two pairs of stairs that are honestly too small for “authentic scale” but that’s fine.

The barricades were the big draw here, both times. They could surround my ring, if I was some kindof mansion-owner with rooms that big. But they’re good in partial form for shots. The desk is very much an older, WWE style desk, but it’s way better constructed than the ones I had from 90’s and 200’s WWE accessory sets, so I was able to clear out some older stuff. 

I also got a dozen black folding chairs, because PRO WRESTLING, that’s why. Also my chair situation was a bit of a mess, again, just a scattershot assortment of sizes, colors, and structural integrity from a bunch of Jakks Pacific toys from the late 1990’s. I have elaborate plans for these that I hope to get to someday. These pics hint at that plan.

Finally, I got crowd signs. A very clever idea - basically a dozen plastic rectangles in different colors that take a dry-erase marker, and also a dry-erase marker. So you can make your own signs for figures to hold. This is super cool and works reasonably well, although obviously my penmanship and art skills don’t.

Shown here: Danhausen slamming John Silver’s head into the announce table where Excalibur and Tony Schiavone sit in the chairs they came with while Luke Cage, Claire Temnple, Matt Murdock, Ned Leeds, and Mary Jane Watson enjoy the show.

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