Sunday, March 17, 2024

IN-STORE: Penta Oscuro


I try not to get too many variations on the same wrestler, but sometime you gotta.

Penta Oscuro, the AEW iteration of Pentagon Dark from Lucha Underground, was on a peg at Target. Was I hoping to find Brody King and Buddy Matthews because I don’t want to pay full Ringside prices for new preorders for a May production run or AEW Unmatched 8? Yes, yes I was. Did I find Penta and get himn anyway? Yes I did.

He’s nothing particularly special if you’re not into the character / this variation of the character. Well made standard Jazwares stuff, with a shovel and alternate hands. But it did give me a chance to finalized and work with my new improved entrance stage, using a screengrab of the new AEW Dynamite ramp, a lot of small tweaks, and some layering cuts to allow me to drop entrance graphics on the screens. Plus now it’s a lot easier to do reflections since the new entrance ramp is SO SHINY.

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