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Stuff! I like it! I get it! Sometimes I preorder it and it comes! Sometimes I’m buying a pile of stuff and this other stuff is on sale! And sometimes I preorder it from one place, and that place fails me, and as part of a continuing effort to order less stuff from the Failure Place, I cancel that preorder and luckily find it somewhere else. STUFF!First up is King, the fourth and maybe final of the Bandai GameDimensions Tekken figures. Certainly the last of the four they announced, put up for preorde, and released.

He’s very much in line nwith the other GameDimensions Tekken figures. He’s well sculpted, well painted, very well articulated though not quite as nicely engineered as the Jada Street Fighters, comes with a couple hands, n effects piece, and a word.

And King’s word is FIGHT! It joines PLAYER 1, PLAYER 2, and READY . I’m not sure what’s left - I know there’s K.O., at least. Anyway, big fan of being able to get Tekken figures for 1/5 of what Storm Collectibles charges, and glad I can retire all my old immobile Tekken figures from the early 2000’s.

Next up, the Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot, from GI Joe Classified. Cordsican twins who feel each others pain, are mirror images of each other, and, most imporatnly, were on DEEP clearance in the BBTS Daily Sale the day I decided to get all those Transformers.

When it comes to GI Joe Classified, I limit myself to super iconic shit, really really cool shit if it’s on sale, or the weird stuff. I am still deeply disappointed at the $80 price point and limited availability of Serpentor on his air chariot, both of which kept me from getting one. Tomx and Xamot are goofy and also on sale, though. They come with guns and little wavy knives and they’re a fun addition to the pile.

And finally, we complete a team, if not a set, with the Lightning Collection Remastered Pink Ranger. This is the one where Entertainment Earth fucked the pre-order, so I was able to get it from Hasbro Pulse. This leave me waiting in the hopes that Hasbro does, as promised, do another run of the Remastered Green Ranger this fall, and that Entertainment Earth gets me one. Because I’d very much like to complete the set.

OK. That mostly clears the decks before a pile of April and June preorders arrive… at the end of next week. On the upside, it does mean that the Active Preorder List will be down to single digits very soon for the first tim in… a while. 

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