Wednesday, March 13, 2024



November, 2022. It was a simpler time.

And hey, I get it. Indie toy companies take time to get stuff made, get stuff shipped, get stuff out. But man, when I ordered this Yokai Skeleton (Jack O Lantern Edition) from Fwoosh Toys, the guy I thought of as the face of the channel was still associated with the channel.

That said, I’d call this well worth the wait. For the record, I did only order one of them, but there are two weapons and tons of heads and hands so this is an attempt at showing all the variations. About half the heads have articulated jaws. All the joints are tight and effective, The total range of motion is impressive, and comparable to, if not better than, the Golden Axe skeletons from Storm Collectibles, albeit in a smaller scale.

It’s well sculpted, well made, all the joints are tight, and the quality is almost surprisingly good. Not that it matters, they’re all gone now, unless you want a glow in the dark one. But I’ll definitely find useas for this one.

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