Monday, March 4, 2024

NEW TOYS: The Normal-Ass Purchases of February


OK. So here’s the deal. February was a relatively light month for purchases but a very heavy month for photographs and Generally Being Busy. Most of that is tied to one specific purchase which requires one very long post which I’ll be working on soon, and then March stuff can start being photographed this week, but in the meantime, three just normal-ass toy purchases.

First up is the Thor and Destroyer 2-pack from Marvel Legends, which I passed on repeatedly at full price because the Thor is a slightly less good version of the 80th Anniversary Thor that I missed out on back in the day. But I was ordering a preent from Hasbro Pulse and this was on clearance and together they got me free shipping, so there you go.

I have needed a good comics Thor, and this is a pretty good comics Thor, but he’s missing the classic six-dot shirt look in favor of a four-dot look and no sleeves. And a beardy head. But the Destroyer is cool if a little underarticulated - he’s big but hse’s not so bulky more joints wouldn’t be in order. And I couldn’t beat the price.

Then there’s Commissioner Gordon. McFarlane seems to have wrapped on its Batman ‘66 line, but it’s taken the general vibe of it and applied it to the 70’s New Adventures of Batman cartoon, and while most of them I don’t need, the Commissioner Gordon and Bat-Mite are compatible enough with my Batman ‘66 collection that I picked him up. He was one of those “gonna be a preorder but I don’t have enough preorders for free shipping” toys, and then he was out, and then he was backordered, and by that point some Marvel Legends stuff was up for preorder and the backorder magically didn’t take more than a couple of days to fulfill.

Anyway, he’s basic but he’s cool and he comes with a Bat-Mite and how are you gonna argue with that?

And finally, the last of my Black Series Ahsokaa preorders arrived: Hera Syndala. Not much to say about this - Black Series to a fault. Great sculpt, great paint, great likeness, minimal accessories, limited articulation. But I’m fond of the character and reasonably fond of the show and this portrayal, so while I didn’t go deep on the show figs this one was on my list.

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