Saturday, January 20, 2018

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wroundup (Jan 14-17)


There’s one more week of shows before Takeover and the Royal Rumble, but only NXT feels like it. Raw and Smackdown were slow as hell this week, and 205 Live was a mess. Still, there were a few EVENTS OF SIGNIFICANCE.

Bobby Roode Is The New US Champion

I was expecting ROode to win. I wasn’t expecting WWE to make me watch two excruciating matches where Jinder Mahal first dominated Xaview Woods for 20+ minutes using eight moves before winning (after Woods at least got in some offense) and then dominated Bobby Roode for much of a 20+ minute match using eight moves before losing. Maybe Jinder can go away for a while, but I have to imagine they kept him looking so strong for a reason.


Braun Strowman’s truck-tipping rampage this week lacked the simple elegance of last week’s GRAPPLING HOOK, but made up for it in length, brutality, and use of cake.

Goldust Beat Half The 205 Live Roster

More specifically, he beat the entire Zo Train (Gulak, Daivari, and Nese) in a handicap match, and did so handily, which is not how you get your roster over. At all. Especially in front of a crowd that had to be worked hard for like ten minutes to even give half a shit about Goldust.

Baeszler Vs. Moon At Takeover Philadelphia

Ember Moon saved the now blonde Aliyah from a Baeszler beatdown, setting up a title match at the pre-Rumble takeover. Baeszler’s pure menace is a delight to watch, and her in-ring ability seems to be catching up to it.

Authors Of Pain Defeat Street Profits For A Title Shot

As it should be. It’s AoP vs. Undisputed Era at Takeover.


Heavy Machinery gets an actual feud, as Moss and Sabatelli cheat to win after Heavy Machinery do what they do best, entertain everyone constantly every moment they’re on screen.

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