Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Flash: “The Elongated Knight Ris

Oh, hey, it’s... a costume.
Someday, The Flash will find the right level of goofy dumb fun, but this week was not that week.

“The Elongated Night Rises” careens wildly between Baby Trickster And His Mom Sidekick, easily the most annoying villains in the history of the season, and that includes an entire season of Fucking Savitar; and Ralph Dibny earning his fancy costume by learning to believe in himself and overcome his fear of acid burns.

In between those two extremes, Goooooooooooldberg Goooooooooooldberg bonds with Prison Barry.

Almost none of this is good, and some if it was barely fucking watchable. Dibny did his best when he was given goofy dick material to work with, and the supporting cast of Cisco, Harry, and Caitlin were stuck being even more supporting than usual, and beyond that? Ugh. Lukewarm garbage. And next week there are shrink rays, which can once again go one of two ways.

But hey, at least Elongated Man has a real costume, albeit one tht looks like it was made out of leftover Firestorm bits, and a name, which he gets through one of those convoluted processes that superhero writers think is clever and never is.

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