Thursday, January 25, 2018

Black LIghtning: “Lawanda: The Book Of Hope”

They will regret this.
Having set the stage and tone in the pilot episode, Black Lightning picked up where it left off, building up some more characters and bringing our hero around to being a hero again, despite the damage it’ll do to his personal life.

The show had a high body count, killing off both the gang member antagonists from the pilot to set up the series’ primary villain, Tobias Whale. IN a different kind of body count, we also learn that the series is staying close to the comics by keeping Anissa Pierce, the incipient Thunder, a lesbian. and they’re playing it very normally, which is nice. It’s not an Issue.

The show continues to feel very inspired by the Netflix Marvel shows, in a good way - there’s a stairwell fight that’s much more Netflixy than it is CW, albeit with more edits. The music cues continue, with some new music even being written for / about the show. The tailor buddy is still a sticking point, but a bit less so. It’s interesting / odd setting him and Pierce’s ex-wife up as the opposing arguments about whether Black Lightning should be a hero or not, but since the show’s called Black Lightning and they spent a lot of money on the costume, it does mean Old White Guy is gonna be the one whos’ right probably.

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