Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Agents Of SHIELD: “THe Last Day”

Everything’s going to hell around them, by the way.
Agentts of SHIELD managed to make their hopeful destination of a bunch of rebels living and making plans in the remains of the Zephyr on the shattered earth last nearly 20 minutes before blowing the whole thing up again.

It was a solid episode, centering around the elderly version of Robin, the Inhuman who can see the future but, as a result, can’t clearly communicate it. We track two timelines - one, the SHIELD agents trying to survive on the shattered Earth, seemingly arguing about turning to the Kree for help, designing a time machine in the hopes that it will get built and they can save the world, and if I interpreted a scene right, revealing that they’ve been caught in this loop pretty much endlessly, with no way of changing the outcome.

This time, of course, it’ll be different, but the sense of hopelessness is pretty palpable. Daisy’s stuck without powers, Vaguely Sympathetic Murdering Kree Guy Whose Name I Don’t Feel Like Looking Up The Spelling Of is trying to kill everyone and get his ball-fondling minion to retrieve Daisy or her corpse from the surface, Deke’s dad is dead, and the surface dwellers are a bunch of assholes. But now May knows Flint, the future Inhuman with the power to move rocks around, is the key to salvation.

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