Saturday, November 18, 2017

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wroundup (11/13-15)

Team Blue Stands Only Sorta United
I finde WWE’s lack of faith... disturbing. They’re creating a lot of excitement and some great matches for Survivor Series, but the way they’re doing it and throwing over other talent in order to do it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Smackdown Has The Energy

From the opening promo featuring Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles to the closing beatdown by the Raw roster, Smackdown positively crackled with energy, which is a good sign. Not everything in the show was great, but the energy was high and that made the fake-ass Survivor Series stakes slightly more believable.

Charlotte Wins The Women’s Title

Charlotte and Natalya put on a great match, and the post-match surprise reunion and return was pretty effective. And Charlotte-Bliss is a better match than Natalya-Bliss. But the last minute decision does Natty a disservice, frankly. She’s not my favorite, but she deserves better than this.

HHH Replaces Jason Jordan 

I like Jason Jordan, but his shit isn’t working. So after a fake ankle injury at the hands of Bray Wyatt, Angle replaced or was forced to replace him with HHH. The upside, this may set up a heel turn for Jason Jordan, though I wonder if it’d be a true heel turn or if the crowd might actually like him as a heel. But again, this seemed like a last-minute change, not a story they planned.

Sin Cara’s Push Is Over

Baron Corbin all but squashed him to presumably end their feud after four matches. Apparently, Corbin’s incredibly offensive messing with Sin Cara’s match was both a short-term transgression and a short-term motivation for Sin Cara.

Bayley Joins The Smackdown Women’s Team

Guess the Paige rumors were Internet bullshit or another last-minute change. Seems weird and anticlimactic to do it this way, but whatever.

Swann, Alexander, Gallagher and Kendrick Put On A Great Match

This feud is boring and pointless, which is why I started this match skipping through it. Halfway through I’d seen enough cool stuff on fast forward that I had to back up and watch it through. Great stuff. Feud’s still dumb thoubh.

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