Thursday, November 23, 2017

Survivor Series 2017

In a rare feat for a WWE PPV, Survivor Series didn’t really shit the bed until the halfway point of the main event. Sure, there was at least one clunker along the way, but from a consistent quality standpoint, they’re kind of nailing it with this and TLC.

There were two kickoff shows I didn’t know about so I couldn’t predict - Elias beat Matt Hardy in a standard match, and Owenz and Zayn beat Breezango in a fun little romp to make sure everyone got paid.

Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto (Cruiserweight Championship, Pre-Show):Enzo retains.

Yep, and mostly definitively. I assume they’re going to figure out who gets fed to Enzo next, and it’ll probably be Cedric Alexander. (1/1)

The New Day vs. The Shield: Shield Reunion doesn’t lose matches yet. 

And they didn’t. But they put on a hell of a show with The New Day, almost making me believe my boys had a shot. See also a match further down the card. Tons of fun and I’m two for two (2/2).

Survivor Series Women’s Match; Raw takes it.

This prediction was correct, even if my reasoning for it was wrong. Instead of me assuming it’d go the opposite way of the men’s match, I should have realized Smackdown couldn’t win without pinnig or submitting Asuka, which isn’t going to happen. And sure enough, Asuka was the sole survivor, coming from behind (2-1) to win the whole thing. (3/3)

The Miz Vs. Baron Corgin: The Miz tends to win matches

But not here, because they wanted to maintain brand parity. The match wasn’t very good, for obvious reasons. (3/4)

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. The Usos: Usos win.

I kind of want to go back and rewatch this because I was distracted on and off for reasons beyond my control during it. What I saw was very good but not up to the heights of either Bar-Shield or Usos-New Day. Called the prediction, though. (4/5)

Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte: Charlotte wins.

Yep. This was as good as I expected, and ended much the way I expected. I love Alexa Bliss and hope she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of the ever-growing Raw women’s division. (5/6)

AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar: Brock smash.

Yep. They did exactly what i expected - give AJ the moral victory by coming back from Brock’s initial onslaught and almost beating him, but Brock, of course, plucked AJ out of mid air for an F5 and the win. (6/7)

Survivor Series Men’s Match: So I’m going to give it to Smackdown.

In my defense, the secdond half of this match was confusing garbage without any kind of narrative coherence or flow, so it’s no surprise I got it wrong. Match started good enough, with a fun series of “hey, this guy is wrestling THAT GUY” pairings, but once the eliminations started, everything went to shit. And then HHH turned on Angle but not on Team Raw and it was all slow and nobody knew why anything was happening and Randy Orton was in the match way too long and bleargh. (6/8)

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