Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Flash: “The Council Of Wells”, “Therefore I Am”

Even dumber than it looks, and boy, does it look dumb.
The Flash, which had been on kind of a roll, indulged two of its biggest flaws in the last two episodes, and the shows were worse for it.

“The Council Of Wells” is the better of the two, except when it went from goofy to wackky. I refer to the composition of The Council Of Wells; , Wells from around the multiverse based on, I shit you not, The Sprockets Guy, Matthew McConaghey, and Mad Max. Oh, and Gandalf, though he gets much less screen time. It was a shitty joke and it plays out for the entire episde, which was pretty watchable when this wasn’t happening.

“Therefore I Am” gives us the origin story of The Thinker, which is pretty good as these things go, making him to be a slightly tragic megalomaniac. And of course, the episode also features the theme of the season, laid out in painstaking detail - that The Thinker has already out-thought and beaten Team Flash, but hey, Wally’s back, and fought MOTHERFUCKING STARRO OFFSCREEN. Show me that, The Flash, not a pantsless Harrison Wells.

The problem is, while all this is going on, Barry is inexplicably obsessed with the idea that DeVoe is The Thinker, stalks The Thinker, gets into an incredible amount of trouble at the police department because he inexplicably breaks into The Thinker’s house as Barry instead of The Flash even though there’s no reason for him to do so (except maybe, I guess, Team Flash noticing hte suit’s gone), and everyone thinks he’s crazy and he’s not crazy, he’s right, but he’s not right for any reason beyond the writers making him right. Ao that’s a constant irritation throughout the hour.


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  1. I'm wondering if Wally and Thea over on Arrow are just back for the crossover. Also, how will the Legends fuck up the crossover with their usual "Jeopardize history through reckless behavior, do something stupid that makes it worse then fall ass backwards into a solution" story formula. By the way, did you know they brought Damien Darkh back? Also, Isis is now a regular though they don't call her Isis for obvious reasons and they have an actual Egyptian woman playing an Egyptian goddess. Still haven't seen Constantine though it was a high level demon that brought back Darkh. Am I spelling Darkh right? I don't care enough to look it up.