Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Flash: “Girls’ Night Out”

And that’s where our graves will be when this all goes horribly!
It’s weird that the saving grace of The Flash continues to be likable assholes.

By which I don’t mean suspended showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, one of the latest Hollywood men to get in trouble during what I saw described on Twitter as “the Fammening In Reverse”, which is as good a sobriquet as any. Guess we know who came up with the weird Pick Up Artist shit Cisco pulled on Gypsy last season.I’m talking about Earth-2 Wells and now Ralph Dibny.

Anyway, the goofy bachelor/bachelorette party episode is largely saved by the charming depravity of Ralph Dibny and the drunk acting of Grant Gustin, which is way, way better than his Crazy Acting and his Emo Acting. The men are relegated to the subplot, which is good in theory and bad in practice.

I mean, I have no problem with a “Grils Night Out” story in which Iris, Felicity, Joe’s Pregnant Lady Cop Who I Know Has A Name But It Would Be Dishonest To Look It Up and Caitlin/Frost take down a villain. I just have a problem with the execution. Specifically, the part of the show where the women all come up with a stupid, awful plan that would have gotten them all killed if Caitlin didn’t have superpowers and didn’t change her mind about going at the last minute.

This episode also intruduced us to Katie Sackhoff as Amunet Black, who is like Magneto if Magneto only had power over one specific bucket full of metal. And took his accent lessons from Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Amunet gets away at the end of the episode because Iris, Felicity, and Caitlin can’t find a middle ground between “kill her” and “let her walk away”.

I’d rank this one at the “better, but not better enough” level of most of this season.

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