Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weekly Wrasslinn' Wroundup (SD Live)

James Ellsworth has a sad.
Smackdown is in a weird place right now with no PPV of its own on the horizon and everything geared toward beating Raw in Survivor Series in a few weeks. Luckily, James Ellsworth, because any show with two hands has a fighting chance at being entertaining.

After a brief backstage interlude where Ambrose is kind of a dick to James Ellsworth, we turn to the spooky side, as Bray Wyatt faces Kane in a no-DQ match. First this allows Luke Harper to interfere, and then it allows Randy Orton to interfere, but he RKO's Kane and gives Bray Wyatt the win for some reason I don't care about.

Becky Lynch is back! She comes out for some dueling promo with Alexa Bliss and it's all solid stuff - nothing particularly groundbreaking, but solid. Alexa beats Becky down after the segment and sprays yellow paint down Becky's spine to indicate that she thinks Becky's a coward, which is a new use of shirtpaint, I think.

They're apparently doing a series of atches to determine which five out of like sfive or six possible teams will join Sla-no on the Survivor Series ten-man squad, which seems like awfully low stakes, but more stakes than a match between the sscension and the Hype Bros usually have. Basic tag stuff, although I did catch Ryder very specifically not stretching his arm out enough to be able to make the htot tag at one point. None of Rawley's new bullshit makes an appearance, and the Hype Bros get the win.

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage and doesn't talk and says "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", which has gotta be a bullshit swerve.

Weird Cat Lady Natalya, absent most of her affectations from last week, interrupts Daniel Bryan backstage again. Daniel Bryan has been watching Dario Cueto clips - the winner of the match between Natalya and Nikki Bella is now winner gets to captain the Survivor Series team, loser is off the team entirely. Nikki wins a deliberately paced match with an STF, which is clearly part of the "dating John Cena" storyline, which brings out a post-match attack from Carmella that sees Carmella hitting a Bella Buster on Nikki.

The Miz and Ziggler argue, which somehow turns into a tag title match between Sla-no and the Spirit Squad which Miz and Ziggler spend the entirety of arguing with ech other on commentary. Rhyno gets the unsurprising win with the Gore.

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