Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin; Wroundup (NXT)

Live on tape from her side yard, it's MICKIE JAMES!
We're finally finishing the first round of the Dusty Classic! Not as great an NXT as the last couple of weeks, but not bad.

First up is DIY vs. Ho Ho Lun and the debuting Tian Bing. It doesn't last long. A dominant Ciampa and Gargano win in a few minutes.

Oh, hey, it's Aussie Mean Girls time again. This time Billie Kay vs. Aliyah. Aliyah gets to try some offense for a bit, and gets a rollup pin on Kay when Liv Morgan shows up for revenge for a couple weeks of beatdowns. The post-match beating ends up as a 2-on-2 situation that the Down Under Divas win. I sense a tag match in two weeks.

Noah Potjes, which has to be his real name, is out to be fed to Tye Dillinger. Which is fine. Dillinger needed a win.  A post-match interview conveniently staged at the top of the entrance ramp of course leads to a Roode beatdown and an implant DDT on the stage.

Time for us to remember we have a Women's Champion, as Asuka comes out to face Thea "Already In The Ring" Trinidad. This has to be setting something up, and sure enough, after Trinidad gets two moves in and Asuka wins with an armbar, William Regal to announce that Asuka will face the returning Mickie James in Toronto. Ember Moon is still nowhere to be found.

Our main event is Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins vs. Mustafa Ali and Lince Dorado. Ali and Dorado don't stand a chance, so it's an odd chocie for the main event, but they put on a competitive four-Cruiser match. It's not very tagteamy, but as four different singles matches going on simultaneously, it's not bad.

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