Sunday, October 23, 2016

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Payback Time)

That's what you get for leaving him for dead
This week brings us the tale of Puma's redemption after his loss to Mil Muertes at the end of Season 1, plus more DOOMDIAL and more unique opportunities.

We start in the locker room, with Vampiro giving Puma a pep talk, and Puma saying he wants no help of any kind from Vampiro, which is probably a good idea.

But before we can get to that, it's time to spin Dario's Dial of Doom, and it lands on Killshot. This is mostly a mauling of Killshot at the hands of THE MONSTER MATANZA CUETO, but he does get a couple of good comeback sequences, and Killshot is easily in the top five LU talents as far as kicks are concerned. But ultimately, Wrath of the Gods puts him down, like it has so many more.

We got his mysterious note in the preshow recap montage, so it's no surprise that the camera lingers on Killshot post-match. And sure enough, out comes his long lost squadmate, Dante (indie wrestler AR Fox). Killshot goes to hug him, and of course, Dante destroys him even more.

Our Trios champions are out, to face a mystery opponent, when they're interrupted by Dario Cueto, who drops some fucking bombs. First, Aztec Warfare III is in four weeks. Second, THE MONSTER MATANZA CUETO will be defending his title. Third, TMMC will be entering at #1, to prove his ultimate dominance. Fourth, Drago, Aerostar, and Fenix aren't wrestlig a Trios match, they're wrestling a three-way match for the right to enter at #20. And fifth, the two losers won't be part of Aztec Warfare at all.

The match is fun, but very sloppy in areas - Fenix is bleeding out his nose fairly early, and Aerostar blows two or three big spots. When it's on, it's on, but when it's off, it's off. Drago gets the pin with something that is not his finisher and may not have been what it was intended to be.

I have to say, if they plan to have Matanza go through 19 guys in a row at Aztec Warfare, they're going to have to book it, and the rest of the season, VERY carefully. I can see a storyline where the various tribal wrestlers all take individual shots at Matanza at Aztec Warfare and fail, and then spend the rest of the season figuring out how to work together to beat him, but that's about it.

Speaking of tribal wrestlers, we learn that Drago was part of Kobra Moon's tribe but left them a thousand years ago, and that Marty the Moth eats disturbingly crunchy pizza.

As for non-tribal drama, Johnny Mundo finally figures out how to get a Gift of the Gods match against Sexy Star - nearly all of the $100,000 briefcase he won from Dario Cueto back in the day.

And finally, we get Puma vs. Muertes. It's a very good match, up to both these guys' standards, but it's almost too traditional a match for the feud. Unless they're planning to keep it going, it came up a little short in the intensity and drama department for Puma's big redemption, especially after the intensity of their confrontations during the buildup. Maybe if he'd won with something other than the 630.

Finally, we see Rey Mysterio going before Chavo Guerrero Sr., because he knows he has to take Chavo Jr. out, but he doesn't want to incur the wrath of the Guerrero family. The bit hints at a Loser Leaves Temple match which of course Mysterio would have to win.

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