Saturday, June 22, 2024

WINDING DOWN THE JUNE POL: Silver Age Green Lantern


The penultimate item from my June Pile of Loot - Hal Jordan.

I really haven’t been dipping into McFarlane DC Multiverse much in the past year. You look at their section in Target and it’s either a solid wall of grey, or figures I don’t want to spend $30 on (Hawkman, looking at you), or ones I totally would spend $30 or more on except certain Gamestops hosed me out of them (Wonder Woman).

But that first wave of three figures that included Classic Aquaman also included Classic Green Lantern, and I definitely needed me one of those.

He’s got a couple more joints in the legs than Aquaman does, fitst and gripping hands, two energy punches and a Lantern battery, so not bad overall for the standard McF price point. Nothing spectacular, but a well-made rendition of a classic look, which you don’t get a ton of in DC Multiverse.

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