Saturday, June 1, 2024

FIG PHOTO: “Normie Squad, Assemble!”

 Here they are, in all their drab glory: NORMIE SQUAD!I’m finally working on another project that required me to finally properly assemble Normie Squad, so I dedided a group photo was in order.

What is Normie Squad? Normie Squad is any/every action figure in my collection that’s dressed normal. There is a grey area, not a strict border, so you  may question some choices, but generally speaking:

1) A weird head does NOT exclude you from Normie Squad.

2) An abnormal sized DOES exclude you from Normie Squad (see Tombstone, Joe Fixit)

3) If your iconic costume can pass for normal clothes, that DOES NOT exclude you from Normie Squad. So short jacket Star Lord is in, but long jacket Star Lord is out. Lando Calrissian sans cape was on the bubble but made the cut.

Anyway. This is only two photos, because I only have so many barricades and also they wouldn’t all fit in the photo box. So it’s one pic of the first two rows and then one pic of the last four.

Orange Cassidy is, of course, the leader of Normie Squead.

Not gonna name all the figs, obviously. Have fun spotting people you recognize.

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