Sunday, June 23, 2024

JUNE IS WRESTLING MONTH: Defining Moments Shinsuke Nakamura


OK, I was on a bit of a roll.One of the fun, and sometimes “fun” things about collecting is that when you start to get a bunch of stuff in one segment of your collection, it starts revealing gaps you hadn’t thought about before. And I realized I didn’t have a Shinsuke Nakamura. And there was a couple-year period when Nakamura was my favorite fucking wrestler.

Why didn’t I have one? Well, I’d fallen out with WWE even worse than Shinsuke has by the time I started going after 6” figures in earnest. And also, I only wanted one Shinsuke Nakamura figure. A Nakamura figure with the gear he wore against Sami Zayn in his debut appearance on NXT Takeover. When I first had the reaction WHO THE HELL IS THIS and LET ME SEE MORE OF THIS PLEASE to Nakamura. 

Did such a figure exist? Turns out it does. Defining Moments Shinsuke Nakamura. From… 2017. To eBay! Was it available for a normal figure price? IT WAS. So now I have one. 

Being a 2017 Mattel figure, the articulation is less than ideal. If ever there was a figure that cried out for butterfly joints, and, really, all the joints, it’s Nakamura, whose distinctive poses are a big part of his appeal. But he can do… one of them! At least! Mostly!

But it’s this specific Nakamura, the one I care the most about, so he joins the collection. 

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