Monday, June 17, 2024

MORE PILE OF LOOT: MOTU Cartoon Collection!

 The Cartoon Colection ranks grow…Like with a lot of these retro 79’s line, I’m not being a completionism on the MOTU Cartoon Collection figures. Only characters that appeal to me. So I’ve passed on Beast-Man, Stratos, Trap-Jaw, and Webstor, but will have Evil-Lyn in my next Pile of Loot, and if they wanna do Sorceress and She-Ra, you won’t see me complaining.

Mer-Man is really the only lackey so far that’s done it for me, probably because he looks so dopey. He comes with his trident (shown) and some kind of deep cut magic pearl (a white plastic sphere, so kind of boring) but he can hod both of them.

But man, that Prince Adam and Cringer are PERFECT. Adam comes with a doofy head and a less doofy head, but why would you ever use the less doofy head? Also a sword, and also, in a correction from a He-Man oversight, he has an up-and-down wrist hinge that lets him properly hold the sword above his head. THANK YOU.

And Cringer. Oh, Cringer. So much size. So many joints. Like all articulated animals, they don’t necessarily have the crazy range that a lot of human joints have, but holy shit there are so many joints overall that the posing is incredibly versatile. He also comes with two heads, one with an articulated jaw and one without, and again, why would you use the one without the articulated jaw? The eye colors are different too but I’m not enough of a He-Man guy to know why.

Anyway, this line is killing it for me, and I’d like more. Maybe not a lot more. I mean, definitely a Hordak, maybe a Faker, the aforementioned Sorceress and She-Ra… the rest on a “let’s see ‘em “ basis.

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