Saturday, June 29, 2024


 Fun fact. After compliting a bunch of photo editing this morning, I have 13 pictures after this one to post to get caught up with my June purchases and projects. WHEEE! Anyway, Claudio!So, when I went on the Jazwares Vault to get the ROH Danhausen figure, shipping was $10. $60 gets you free shipping. Vault ROH figures are $30. So, the question was, were there any ROH figures I’d spend $20 on that I wouldn’t spend $30 on? The answer? Claudio Castagnoli.

I have a WWE Elite Cesaro that’s perfectly acceptable as a Claudio. I didn’t NEEEEED a Claudio. But this Claudio came with a soft goods robe and scarf, and that plus an updated head sculpt plus a bonus head I didn’t realize was part of it until it showed up sealed the deal.

That bonus head? Claudio with long, flowing locks from his ROH debut match! It’s VERY funny. I’ll probably never use it but I love having it.

Anyway, this meant I had to go find a damn ROH entrance ramp, background, so now I have one of those in my photo collection. 

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