Sunday, July 1, 2018


She hammered in the evening. All over his ass.
A relatively weak episode of Lucha underground is elevated by an exciting debut and a fun Matanza development.


The Worldwide Underground has beef with the Reptile Tribe, which is a problem for Jack Evans because Jack Evans hates snakes.

Matanza just got a power-up. After his loss to Pentagon Dark, Antonio Cueto reveals that when he originally asked for Matanza to host a god, he asked for Matanza to retain a small portion of his humanity, represented by The Key. Which Antonio gives to Matanza, and Matanza destroys. That could be a problem.


This week brings the debut of XO Lishus, who’s black and queer and does a LOT of splits and is fun to watch. He defeated Jack Evans in what is technically the first match this season without any stakes, but I figure debut matches don’t count because they’re debut matches.

The only other match this week, taking up two thirds of the episode, was the Three Way To The Grave match, an elimination format coffin match between Fenix, Mil Muertes, and Jeremiah Crane. Crane was eliminated first after Ivelisse returned and beat him repeatedly with a MOTHERFUCKING HAMMER. It was the high point of the match.

Mil Muertes eventually won, which I presume means that gives Catrina back her life force and I guess saves on the teleportation effects budget? We’ll see. I can’t see them writing Fenix out for good, though. He’s too important to the show. The match wasn’t great - plagued with many of the weird editing and pacing problems that affected Aztec Warfare. Not sure what’s going on this season.

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