Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Flash: “Don’t Run”

Captain Condom to the rescuuuuue!
The Flash ends its mid-season with Barry Allen in jail, The Thinker in a new body, and Black Amunet’s accent still in Black Amunet and not in Mary Poppins where it belongs.

Look. This isn’t that complicated. When you’re in the middle of what you know is a long, drawn out scheme to destroy you with a super-intelligent adversary, and, when opening your wedding presents, you discover a signle knife, given to you by a compeltely unknown individual, to take that knife and run it to the nearest fucking volcano and drop it in.

Unless you’re Barry Allen, in which case you leave it in your apartment and then it can get used to murder The Thinker’s old body after he’s transferred his consciousness into a new body so you can be framed for said murder. Because ya dumb.

The B plot involves Black Amunet kidnapping Caitlin and fake-Britishing at her until she performs a nigh-impossible operation on the telepathic bus meta who eventually becomes The Thinker’s host body. This is the second time in a year (I believe) that an INCREDIBLY COMPLICATED OPERATION involved Caitlin showly pulling a thing out of someone fairly casually. Come up with new medical emergencies, Flash.

A very mediocre episode, overall.

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