Sunday, December 10, 2017

Agents of SHIELD: “A Life SPent”

Agents of SHIELD continues to move at a pace that puts the other shows to shame, although they may have been drinking a little bit of Team Flash’s Dumbfuck Lemonade in the process.

If this episode has a flaw, it’s the trope of Person In Situation They Know Is Totally Different Does What They Do Anyway. The worst example of this was every time The Flash visited Earth 2 and was surprised by a doppleganger. In this episode, we have Quake going all Quake on a bunch of Kree to try and rescue Simmons despite Deke telling her it’s a bad idea. She gets caught, of course, thanks to Deke, who is presumably trying to save her life.

Most of the rest of the episode deals with the team’s much more successful attempts to fit in as indentured serrvants of Grill while also trying to learn what the deal was with Virgil. Turns out the deal was he was getting transmissions from a mysterious someone or someones on the surface of the ravaged, alien-monster-ridden Earth.

And in Simmons news, she’s recruited to help a young Inhuman to master her powers... so that they can be tested in a gladiator fight and she can be sold into off-world somethingry when she succeeds. We’re not getting much of the bigger picture out of this plot, other than the idea that the Earth gig is not the highest profile gig in the Kree society, and the continued relationship between Simmons, Head Guy Kree, and Assassin Lady.

With luck, we’ll start getting some bigger picture answers next week, assuming our team can make contact with the Earth faction.

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