Saturday, December 9, 2023


This is the problem with action figure collecting.I got those Guardians 3 figures, which you saw. And the only problem with the line? No Gamora. If I’ve got the rest of the team, I should have a Gamora. But there hasn’t been a proper movie Gamora in Marvel Legends since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 figs came out. In fact, they’ve only made Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and What If Gamoras ever. The Vol 2 one was nice and not a bad stand-in for Ravager Gamora, but they’re not cheap.

Then I remembered, more recently, there was a five-pack of the original Guardians ML figures. Did anyone still have them? Why, yes they did. And they were on sale. And the pack came with a Volume 1 Groot fig, which has always been my favorite design. There’s also a classic shirtless Drax. Did I need a short-jacket Star Lord? Not really. I have the long-coat Volume 2 version. Did I need another Rocket? Not really. But it also came with these:

And the pricek, even considering it was for three figures I wanted plus these little guys, was very reasonable. So now I have even more Guardians. I even made a darker version of the pic to match the lighting from the movie:

This does, however, leave me with another problem. I’ve gone, in one fell swoop, from having one on-screen version of Groot, to all-but-one on-screen version of Groot. So now I need the Teen Groot from the Love and Thunder wave, so I’m keeping an eye out for one cheap. NEVER ENDS.

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