Friday, December 29, 2023

GAP FILLED: Henry Jones, Sr.

I think barring some serious clearance prices, I’m done with A/dventure Series now., unless Hasbro decides to revive it after putting out three waves and pausing.

Anyway, this is the last of the pre-Christmas toy acquisitions. I had, for whatever reason, missed out or ignored the preorders for Wave 3, which are three Last Crusade figures and three Dial of Fucking Destiny figures, so I may have just blown it off. A few retailers still had Henry in stock, though, and I was able to even get a bit of a discount.

And he’s great! I mean, he’s an Adventure Series Dude In Suit, but the face sculpt is fantastic, and he comes with a ton of stuff - a hat, an umbrella, and a book. Plus, because the “build an artifact” for the wave is the Holy G/rail Altar, he comes with two grails and a platter (not pictured). All very useful items, compared to a chunk of a stone table.

And, of course, he totallyi qualifies for NORMIE SQUAD, which is growing at an alarming rate while I try to catalog toys and identify who else is eligible.

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